“Enemies Within” author Trevor Loudon, spoke to Act Cleveland attendees!

This video from the March 21, 2017 Act Cleveland meeting with guest speaker, Trevor Loudon, says it all.

Would you be surprised to know how many offices in our government have occupants with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Once you’ve heard Trevor’s message about ALL of the foreign (Socialist, Communist, Marxist) influences in our American government you will recognize how important it is to help this new pro-America president in any way we can.

The international Left is moving at lightening speed to turn America into a Democratic Socialist nation and there’s no time to waste getting all of us up to speed on what they’re doing and how they plan to make a Muslim president of the United States which would be the precursor to implementing sharia law in lieu of the USC.

Remember, it’s not just about Islam, a religion! It’s political and a way of life.

If you haven’t already, we also encourage you to help get the bill  S.68 and HR.377 get co-sponsors and into law!!

Sign up at the Act for America web site and keep yourself informed.