Getting more difficult to forgive Liberal friends…

Received this image from an ACT Cleveland chapter member.

We all have Liberal friends and family members who do not understand the threat that we face from Islam and its Sharia law.  If you attended our last meeting in Broadview Heights and heard John Guandolo, head of Understanding the Threat, you heard details of what not just “radical” Islamists are up to, but the operatives – Muslim and not – are doing embedded in the U.S. government.

We encourage everyone to spend time on UTT and go through all their materials to learn all you can to help combat this scourge on America.  You can’t take it all in one sitting, one meeting, one video, one book… but you need to develop for yourself a comprehensive study program if you are going to be effective.  Start NOW!

The audio of John Guandolo’s talk will be available tomorrow, here on our web site.