Monday night’s National Security briefing with our good friend, Clare Lopez

Recap of our National Security Briefing with Clare Lopez

Monday night’s National Security briefing with our good friend, Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy, was every bit as informative as always. Although we couldn’t provide a webinar this time, we are happy to provide a recording of Clare’s presentation below.

Clare did an excellent job of explaining the Maoist Splinter Movement Theory. It is a theory that simply states that there are multiple lines of effort aimed at achieving the same goal. The goal in this case of the Islamic Movement is the implementation of Islamic Law or Sharia globally.

Most people are aware of the the Kinetic Jihad threat, but sadly there are many who don’t see it or even want to see it. Even sadder, as Clare explained, there are so many in government that refuse to see the Non-Kinetic threat many of us realize as Civilizational Jihad.

Please watch Clare’s presentation below. Pay particular attention to the beginning portion where Clare explains her relationship with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.  Elisabeth is at the forefront in the battle to save free speech in Europe.  We hope to have her as a speaker with us, via a webinar, sometime in January.

Phil Haney on “Interfaith Dialogue Deception”

Last Friday evening on Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line Blogtalk Radio program, Phil Haney explained the connection between “Interfaith Dialogues” and how the Progressive Christian churches are being deceived into believing that Islam and Christianity have a “Common Word.” Below is the audio of the interview, split into 2 parts:

      Sharia Crime Stoppers Action - Global Patriot Radio


      global-patriot-radio_2018_10_26_sharia-crime-stoppers-action-line--philip-haney--interfaith-dialogue-deceptionn- Part 2


“DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and its plan to infiltrate all aspects of American life including Religion in order to promote its goal of worldwide Sharia dominance brought about by the downfall of America and Israel. Philip will focus on the deceptive nature of what is actually an Interfaith Monologue designed to normalize Sharia including its criminality. He will expose Christian and Jewish collaborators whose actions are being used to isolate and demonize the “People of the Book” who refuse to submit to Islamic doctrine that states that Jesus was not the Son of God, that Jesus was not crucified and that Mohammed is the Holy Spirit. The targeting of People of the Book by the Red Green Axis must be resisted lest we lose our Freedom of Religion, in addition to our personal safety.

Sharia Crime Stoppers is a campaign demanding that the American justice system effectively deal with the criminal aspects of Islamic Law, otherwise known as Sharia. Law Enforcement and Prosecutors must be trained in the ideology of Sharia and Citizens must demand that the full force of American law be applied in their communities, despite political pressure to the contrary.”

Phil brought up the “Alliance of Virtue for the Common Word” and the YouTube video where he discussed it:

Aug. 28 & Sept. 12 – More “Interfaith” Dialogue events

1. Teatime for Peace, Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 6:30 PM.
Sponsored by National Council of Jewish Women-Cleveland chapter. Held at Fairmount Temple, 23737 Fairmount Blvd., Beachwood, OH 44122.

2.  Teatime for Peace, Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM.    Sponsored by Brecksville/Broadview Hts/Independence Clergy Fellowship. Held at Brecksville United Church of Christ, 23 Public Square 44141.  On Rt. 82 west of Brecksville Road.


Teatime for Peace is billed as “interfaith dialogue”  but in truth, it is more about politics than religion.

They state plainly at events that the immigration ban language is their main issue.  The program uses victimhood, identity politics, limit of open exchange and dilution of truth for all.   From Teatime’s promo brochure:

It “began in response to an action-alert from a women led grassroots peace(civil rights advocacy) organization, asking supporters to host what was called a ‘Pop Up for Peace’ event. The intention was to bring the Muslim community together with the wider community as a show of support and solidarity due to the language of fear, separation and hate during the 2016 election. West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church and the Council on American-Islamic Relations decided this was an important issue to champion.”

Contact us at if you are a new participant and want more information on this issue and the Interfaith Watchdog Team.

Back to “ACT Cleveland Chapter”

Back at the beginning of 2018, we had decided, that because of the explosive growth of our mailing list, it was time to make some changes.

We changed the name of our chapter from ACTCleveland to ACTforOhio.

Unfortunately, we didn’t foresee a few issues that did arise along the way.

This change was not meant to impact the Cincinnati or Columbus chapters, other than the fact that email communication to those members and everyone in Ohio would start coming from a new email address:

However, this email change did cause many people to get multiple emails and cause for some confusion about registration for meetings whether in person or online.

Another problem that we discovered is that people were under the impression that we were the state chapter for Ohio. Because of that perception, the National office was rightly concerned that people would think there was no need for anyone in other cities to even be interested in opening up their own local chapter. This is not at all what we want people to think….we definitely need more chapters.

So after much discussion, we have decided to go back to being known as ACT Cleveland.

We will still be doing things basically the same way, but a few changes need to happen. First, our email address will change to

Secondly, our website is updating and will change as well from to

Our Facebook page stays the same:

So does Twitter:

Other than that, look for our new emails to start in a few days.

Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast

Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast

In a few short weeks, Michigan voters in the Primary elections could make history that will reverberate across the Republic.  Is it possible that the Michigan primaries will elect a candidate for Governor:

  • Whose campaign is funded by national & Sharia financed sources
  • Is Sharia compliant which means Sharia first, Constitution second
  • Has stated Michigan would become a sanctuary state, protecting illegals over Michigan citizens
  • Would enable/promote Sharia which means women & girls live enslaved lives in the name of multi-culturalism

These life-changing possibilities are real enough that a panel of experts was  convened to explore and identify counter-measures for concerned Michigan citizens and discuss impacts that could affect every state across America.

Watch as these national security, counter-intelligence analysts express the facts of what Michigan is facing.