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Monday night’s National Security briefing with our good friend, Clare Lopez

Recap of our National Security Briefing with Clare Lopez

Monday night’s National Security briefing with our good friend, Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy, was every bit as informative as always. Although we couldn’t provide a webinar this time, we are happy to provide a recording of Clare’s presentation below.

Clare did an excellent job of explaining the Maoist Splinter Movement Theory. It is a theory that simply states that there are multiple lines of effort aimed at achieving the same goal. The goal in this case of the Islamic Movement is the implementation of Islamic Law or Sharia globally.

Most people are aware of the the Kinetic Jihad threat, but sadly there are many who don’t see it or even want to see it. Even sadder, as Clare explained, there are so many in government that refuse to see the Non-Kinetic threat many of us realize as Civilizational Jihad.

Please watch Clare’s presentation below. Pay particular attention to the beginning portion where Clare explains her relationship with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.  Elisabeth is at the forefront in the battle to save free speech in Europe.  We hope to have her as a speaker with us, via a webinar, sometime in January.

Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast

Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast

In a few short weeks, Michigan voters in the Primary elections could make history that will reverberate across the Republic.  Is it possible that the Michigan primaries will elect a candidate for Governor:

  • Whose campaign is funded by national & Sharia financed sources
  • Is Sharia compliant which means Sharia first, Constitution second
  • Has stated Michigan would become a sanctuary state, protecting illegals over Michigan citizens
  • Would enable/promote Sharia which means women & girls live enslaved lives in the name of multi-culturalism

These life-changing possibilities are real enough that a panel of experts was  convened to explore and identify counter-measures for concerned Michigan citizens and discuss impacts that could affect every state across America.

Watch as these national security, counter-intelligence analysts express the facts of what Michigan is facing.

Nothing to fear from Sharia?

                                       Nothing to fear from Sharia?  
Didn’t Mohamed Atta – infamous 9/11 hijacker – tell passengers on the airliner headed for the World Trade Center say, “Stay quiet and you’ll be okay“?

Thank you to and we have this October 2017 article and video presentation:

“…ACLU chapter president in Palm Beach, Florida recently gave a deceptive presentation entitled “Sharia Law: Nothing to Fear”.  Mark Schneider, a nonlawyer, attempted to put a happy face on this alien and malignant doctrine, plowing straight ahead without realizing just how bad he looked doing it.

Early on, he said not to worry about sharia law because, while stoning for adultery, chopping off hands for thievery, and other barbaric punishments are on the law books in some Muslim countries, they are infrequently used.”

Tom Trento, founder of, will be the guest speaker at ACTFOROHIO’s Monday night meeting.  CLICK HERE for attendance information.

What IS the Red-Green Axis?

James Simpson wrote a book on the subject and here he tells us about it:

Local Cincy mosque paid $1M to get more Islam into UofC

Mosque gives University of Cincinnati $1,000,000 to teach more about Islam