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Back to “ACT Cleveland Chapter”

Back at the beginning of 2018, we had decided, that because of the explosive growth of our mailing list, it was time to make some changes.

We changed the name of our chapter from ACTCleveland to ACTforOhio.

Unfortunately, we didn’t foresee a few issues that did arise along the way.

This change was not meant to impact the Cincinnati or Columbus chapters, other than the fact that email communication to those members and everyone in Ohio would start coming from a new email address:

However, this email change did cause many people to get multiple emails and cause for some confusion about registration for meetings whether in person or online.

Another problem that we discovered is that people were under the impression that we were the state chapter for Ohio. Because of that perception, the National office was rightly concerned that people would think there was no need for anyone in other cities to even be interested in opening up their own local chapter. This is not at all what we want people to think….we definitely need more chapters.

So after much discussion, we have decided to go back to being known as ACT Cleveland.

We will still be doing things basically the same way, but a few changes need to happen. First, our email address will change to

Secondly, our website is updating and will change as well from to

Our Facebook page stays the same:

So does Twitter:

Other than that, look for our new emails to start in a few days.

National Security briefing with Rich Higgins

Wednesday’s National Security briefing with Richard Higgins was the best.

As we told you in previous emails leading up to the webinar, under President Trump, Rich served in the National Security Council’s strategic-planning office as director for strategic planning until July 2017 when he was relieved by former National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster.

This controversial move by McMaster came shortly after Rich’s internal NSC bombshell memo about the Deep State, Marxists and Islamists became public knowledge.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. Here’s the memo: POTUS and Political Warfare

Rich gave us an eye opening and head spinning presentation.  Much of what he said was as close to classified as you can get.

He talked about the ongoing effort against President Trump by the politicized Intelligence agencies. He said to make sure everyone understands that not only did candidate Donald Trump get spied on but so has President Trump…Yes, you read that correctly, President Trump has been spied on while he has been President.

Normally, we would be including a video recording of our webinar but unfortunately can’t do so this time. The information that was presented was too sensitive and Rich has asked us not to disseminate it.

The closest thing to what Rich talked about is in this article from the Daily Caller from back in September 2017. Be sure to watch the embedded video.

Here’s Why NSC Staffer Rich Higgins Says He  Was Fired From The Trump Administration

Rich also gave us some insight into the Las Vegas shooting from last October which further confirms what many of us have been thinking…and that is, that the narrative just doesn’t make sense…

Rich had much to say about the Deep State and recommended that we follow two sources of information when looking for truth that cannot be found with the media. They are:


There was much, much, more as well as an excellent Q & A session.

We wish we could share more but for now we can’t.

For those of you missed it, our recommendation would be try not to miss future webinars or meetings as there are no guarantees on the recordings.

“Are We in a Civil War?”

 “Are We in a Civil War?”  April 15, 2018 – ACT For OHIO’s  National Security Briefing Sunday evening by Daniel Greenfield was, to be sure, a most succinct briefing on not only our current political and civic situation but Daniel also gave us an expeditious tour of the way we got in our current full-combat civilizational struggle against the forces of Islam, and its forward unit, the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

From Daniel’s web site, “Sultan Knish” we learned that he is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center… and a prolific blogger on Front Page Magazine’s blog, The Point … covering everything from Islamic terrorism in Argentina to leftist politics in America.”

Debbie Anderson fights Sharia in MN

February 25, 2018- Debbie Anderson was the speaker at ACT Cleveland’s meeting. Does Islam’s Sharia law conflict with America’s U.S. Constitution? Not sure? Debbie’s home state of Minnesota is just one state where that’s being put to the test. Understanding what is at stake is the key to dialogues within your communities.

Debbie gives credit to John,, (and his book “Raising a Jihadi Generation“) for teaching her how to dig deep into the Islamic communities where CAIR [Hamas] has made inroads into the political arena and threatens Americans’ first freedoms. (UTT offers training to law enforcement into the collective mind of the Muslim Brotherhood – a foreign insurgency and threat to democracy.)


Faith Leaders of America address “Interfaith Dialogues”

An open letter invitation to faith leaders of America, encouraging them to look closely at the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Interfaith Dialogue”initiative – also called “Bridge-building.

“Dear Colleague:

We are writing to invite you to join us in an important new initiative: Faith Leaders for America. 

As you surely know, the faith community in America has for many years been the focus of a patient, disciplined and increasingly successful effort to enlist its help in mainstreaming Islamic supremacist organizations and mosques in the name of “interfaith dialogue” and “bridge-building.”  

This initiative has long been a priority project of the Muslim Brotherhood.  One of the group’s top ideologues, Seyyid Qutb, explained the true purpose of such bridge-building in a highly influential handbook on incremental jihad entitled, Milestones: “The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.”

In other words, Muslim Brotherhood operatives and their fellow Islamists engage in interfaith dialogue not as a genuine effort to foster tolerance and good-will among the followers of various religions.  Rather, it amounts to a one-way bridge, designed to facilitate Muslim proselytization and recruitment among those of other faiths.

The Islamic supremacists have been particularly successful of late in enlisting prominent Christian and Jewish clergy as partners in touting such memes as: “Islam is a religion of peace”; “Islam is a great Abrahamic faith”; “jihad is about personal struggle to be a better Muslim, not holy war”; and “Sharia is the same as Catholic canon law and Jewish halacha.” 

Perhaps most insidious of all is the role played by such non-Muslim clergy in endorsing the Islamists’ claim that America is awash with “Islamophobia” – a made-up condition that supposedly manifests as unreasoned, racist and bigoted fear of Muslims.  The practical, and ironic, effect is that these clerics are, thereby, actually facilitating the jihadists’ efforts to suppress our First Amendment’s protections of free speech and religious liberty.

Silencing opponents of the Islamic supremacists’ agenda often translates into still further accommodations to their demands.  Notably, this results in preferential treatment of Muslims and their faith in schools, offices and public spaces.  Examples include such symbolic acts of submission as: approval of separate and exclusive prayer rooms for Muslim worship and time off for those engaging in it; selective enforcement of dress codes; unique allowances for Islamic proselytization in curricula; the mandatory insinuation of halal meats into foods purveyed to Muslims and non-Muslims, alike; and the prohibition of the transportation, sale or consumption of pork, alcohol and other products deemed haram (impure) by Sharia-adherent Muslims.

We believe there is an urgent need for an interfaith group prepared to contest such subversive inroads into our religious life, communities and national fabric.  Our goal is to foster an honest dialogue about such topics as: the reality that, while Sharia may have a patina of religiosity, it is fundamentally a totalitarian political, military and legal doctrine; the historical – and ongoing – record of Islamic intolerance towards other faiths; and the unchecked ambitions of Islamic supremacists to achieve global domination through both genocidal jihad against “infidels,” mass migration (or colonization) and subversion in Western societies.

If you share our concerns and are willing to participate in an effort to foster authentic interfaith understanding and to protect our liberties, we ask that you become a member of Faith Leaders for America and assist us in enlisting other, like-minded clerics. 


Rabbi Jonathan Hausman 
Bishop E.W. Jackson

Dr. Rick Scarborough

Dr., Rev. Rick Joyner

Rev. Jerry A. Johnson

Pastor S.E. Broden

Pastor Paul Blair

Hon., Rev. Tony Barton

Dr. Stu Weber

Pastor Tom Hardiman

Rev. Lloyd C. Phillips

Deacon James R. Bacon

Minister Bart Peacher 

Pastor Justin Perry

Rev. Nancy G. Daniel

Pastor Roy L. Roden

Pastor Danny El Kouri

Rev. Matthew Jury

Dr. John Mallonee

Dr. Denton Mallonee

Deacon Gary R. Wickham

Minister Paul Allen

Minister LaVon Shapland

Rev. Dr. James A. Brettell

Rev. Buddy Fisher

Rev. John D. Boneck

Pastor Chuck Pifer

Senior Pastor Jerry Wickline

Pastor David White

Chaplain Gene Paul Nesgoda

Pastor Gary W. Haskell, Sr.

Pastor Marlin W. Sharp

Reverend Kenneth Mitchell

Robert Whitlow

Pastor Stephen Coran

Dr. William Enslow Jr.

Pastor David Whitney

Elder George Rasley

Pastor Dale Walker

Evangelist Dave Kistler

Pastor Ken Olson

Rev. John Peach

Bishop Keith Butler

Minister Steven Strzepek

Dr. Denton Mallonee

Pastor Mark Adolphsen

Pastor Bobby Sawyer

Radio Host Janet Mefferd

Rev. Vaughn Park

Rev. John Senin

Dr. Rick Patrick

Pastor John Pipp

Pastor Kenneth M. Fryer

Chaplain Hy McEnery

Rev. William McDonald, S.T.L., S.T.B.

Elder Raymond Grant

LTG (R), Rev. William G. “Jerry” Boykin

Bishop Aubrey Shines

Dr. Jim Garlow

Hon., Pastor Sam Rohrer

Bishop Robert D. Kee

Mr. David Barton

Pastor Walter B. Hoye II

Senior Pastor, Dr. Gary Dull

Rev. C.L. Bryant

Pastor Richard A. Samuels    

Pastor Mary Anne Hardiman

Rev. Donna Milham

Dr. Greg Linnebach   

Dr. Jorge E. Parrott

Rev. Sandy Durham

Minister Thomas Walz

Rev. William V. NeSmith

Senior Pastor Jack L. Smith

Pastor Isaac Crockett

Chaplain Gene C. Zeller

Rev. Cliff Willis

Rev. James McLaughlin

Minister Cynthia Dellatore Johnson

Minister Carole Hayes

Pastor Roger Burks

Rev., Pastor John Powell

Pastor Randy Strombeck

Pastor Shelly Pifer

Senior Pastor Ruth Wickline

Chaplain Debra Nesgoda

Pastor Ben Graham

Rev. M.L. Johnson

Pastor Brian Boyd

Maria Faber

Kathy Whitlow

Pastor Dilonna Coran

Pastor Todd A Johnson

Rev. John W. Butcher

Janet Ross

Hon. Rev. Jason Rapert

Rev. Keong Lai

Ruling Elder Abraham NuQuay

Pastor David McClellan

Senior Pastor Gus Booth

Pastor Ronnie Yarber

Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Bishop Robert D. Kee

Dr. Richard Skinner

Rev. Barry Davis

Pastor Paul Caughill

Dr. Bruce Cook

Rev. Herman Pair

Pastor David Pitman

Rev. Joe Carey

Deacon Joseph Buccilli, PhD