Ohio House Concurrent Resolution 10 (HCR 10)

HCR-10 Passes out of Committee.

A message from Mike Goldstein, Ohio State Director, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations


As the State of Ohio Director of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), I thank and commend the ACT Chapters throughout Ohio for their work on behalf of House Concurrent Resolution 10 (HCR 10). On several occasions I addressed ACT chapter meetings, requesting that the ACT members contact the members of the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee, by phone and by email, explaining why they should vote positively to send HCR 10 to the House floor with a favorable committee recommendation. Many of you answered the PJTN’s call to action.

We were laboring under two handicaps. First, at our third hearing on November 1st, the committee heard opponent testimony and then took their vote to send HCR 10 to the House floor. You should know that 10 witnesses spoke against the Resolution. Their testimony was, for the most part, made up of false “facts” about Israel and its “nefarious” actions against “Palestinian” property rights and personal opinions.

You can view all the witnesses’ written testimony at http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/government-accountability-and-oversight. Look at the November 1 hearing. Then hit the “Download” buttons in the right-hand column to download and print the written testimony.

Secondly, October 31 was “Muslim Day at the Statehouse,” and CAIR was probably busy lobbying many of the committee on the day before the November 1 vote on HCR 10.

Still, our work was effective. All of the nine Republicans on the Committee, and three of the four Democrats, voted in favor of the Resolution. Only one representative, Bernadine Kennedy, a Democrat, voted against it: So, thank you, thank you; you made a difference.

And now for your next immediate assignments:
First, write and call the members of the Ohio House Government Accountability Committee, and thank them for voting in favor of HCR 10. Let them know you were watching and following their actions, and you wholly approve.

Second, begin immediately to write and call your own House representative. They can be found on the www.ohiohouse.gov website. Explain to each of them the reasons each should vote on the House floor in favor of HCR 10. That vote will probably be taken soon after Thanksgiving, so we have a little time – but not much.


Blessing III, Louis W., Chair (614)466-9091 rep29@ohiohouse.gov
Reineke, Bill, Vice Chair (614) 466-1374 rep88@ohiohouse.gov
Clyde, Kathleen. Ranking Mbr (614) 466-2004 rep75@ohiohouse.gov
Faber, Keith (614) 466-6344 rep84@ohiohouse.gov
Ginter, Timothy E. (614) 466-8022 rep5@ohiohouse.gov
Greenspan, Dave (614) 466-0961 rep16@ohiohouse.gov
Kelly, Brigid (614) 466-5786 rep31@ohiohouse.gov
Kennedy, Bernadine (614) 466-5343rep25@ohiohouse.gov
McColley, Robert (614) 466-3760 rep81@ohiohouse.gov
Pelanda, Dorothy (614) 466-8147 rep86@ohiohouse.gov
Seitz, Bill (614) 466-8258 rep30@ohiohouse.gov
Smith, Ryan (614) 466-1366 rep93@ohiohouse.gov
Sweeney, Martin J. (614) 466-3350 rep14@ohiohouse.gov