National Security briefing with Rich Higgins

Wednesday’s National Security briefing with Richard Higgins was the best.

As we told you in previous emails leading up to the webinar, under President Trump, Rich served in the National Security Council’s strategic-planning office as director for strategic planning until July 2017 when he was relieved by former National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster.

This controversial move by McMaster came shortly after Rich’s internal NSC bombshell memo about the Deep State, Marxists and Islamists became public knowledge.

If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. Here’s the memo: POTUS and Political Warfare

Rich gave us an eye opening and head spinning presentation.  Much of what he said was as close to classified as you can get.

He talked about the ongoing effort against President Trump by the politicized Intelligence agencies. He said to make sure everyone understands that not only did candidate Donald Trump get spied on but so has President Trump…Yes, you read that correctly, President Trump has been spied on while he has been President.

Normally, we would be including a video recording of our webinar but unfortunately can’t do so this time. The information that was presented was too sensitive and Rich has asked us not to disseminate it.

The closest thing to what Rich talked about is in this article from the Daily Caller from back in September 2017. Be sure to watch the embedded video.

Here’s Why NSC Staffer Rich Higgins Says He  Was Fired From The Trump Administration

Rich also gave us some insight into the Las Vegas shooting from last October which further confirms what many of us have been thinking…and that is, that the narrative just doesn’t make sense…

Rich had much to say about the Deep State and recommended that we follow two sources of information when looking for truth that cannot be found with the media. They are:


There was much, much, more as well as an excellent Q & A session.

We wish we could share more but for now we can’t.

For those of you missed it, our recommendation would be try not to miss future webinars or meetings as there are no guarantees on the recordings.